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Veerya Paushtik Ras With Shilajit Capsule

Rs. 220


Graded among the top suppliers of Cura Veerya Paushtik Ras, we can deliver the product at inexpensive prices. Based in Hyderabad(India), our organization is involved for years in supplying the finest grade of Cura Veerya Paushtik Ras in the industry.


Main Ingredients : Kababchini, Isabgol, Vanshlochan, Black Musli,Beejband Etc.

Dosage :

  • 20 Ml with Half Glass Water (100 Ml) Morning Before Food
  • 20 Ml with Half Glass Water (100 Ml) Night After Food


Benefits :

  • For premature ejaculation and semen dilution excess night fall
  • Rectile dysfunction or less erection
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Debility due to masturbation
  • Impotency