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Dindayal Choorna Tablet ( 2pc )

Rs. 90


Nagarjun Dindayal Choorna Tablet

Helps to get rid of waste products immediately and naturally without producing any side effects.

Constipation is a common digestive disorder and is experienced equally by both men and women. Constipation does not only mean that if a person fails to evacuate bowels everyday but it also means if a person passes hard stool. Thus, constipation also refers to passage of hard stool every day. Constipation is not a disease. It is not a serious problem and may not produce any complications but it should be looked upon for effective functioning of other organs.

Constipation is the results of wrong eating habits and sedentary life style. A person suffers from constipation if he does not include fibers in his food, does a sitting job all day, lacks exercise, drinks less water, less intake of other fluids, intake of too many medications etc. Constipation may also result as a symptom associated with diseases such as it is common in people suffering from diabetes, colon cancer, hypothyroidism, increased secretion of parathyroid hormone etc.

A person suffering from constipation complain of passage of hard stool, straining while evacuating stool, missing a day or two of bowel movements, fullness in the abdomen, pain in the abdomen, loss of appetite. Many different laxatives are available in the market that gives temporary relief from constipation but But Dindayal Churna is a combination of natural constipation remedies which naturally tones up the digestive system and helps to get rid of constipation and its associated symptoms naturally without producing any side effects.



1 Tablet at night after meal daily or directed by the physician.