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Dharasana Lep (3 Pc)

Rs. 127


Dharasana Lep

What it does:

Naturallyenriched with traditional formulation of Elesocrotin and pynieslogngifolia etc. Dharasana 
Lep is useful in pain related to arthritis and joints.


Arthritis, joint pain, back pain, sprains of muscles, swelling, Rheumatism etc.

How to use:

Apply Dharasana Lep surrounded by affected area in such a way that skin covers by Dharasana Lep 

Now apply a piece of cotton on it and allow it to fix. Rest for 5 to 10 minutes so that the Lep and 
cotton fix perfectly.


  • Keep Dharasana Lep for 5 to 6 days on affected area.
  • Do not allow that area to contact with water and fire.
  • Remove it gently after s to 6 days with warm water.
  • After removing Lep clean the skin with soap.

More about dharasana lep:

Dharasana Lep is ready to use, it is not advisable to give heat to Dharasana Lep

Pack size: 35g