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Kesari Tablet ( Seamco ) 2pc

Rs. 194




Dry and Productive cough,Tubercular cough, Asthma,Reduces frequency and security of asthmatic attack


Harda, Behada, Yeshtimadhu, Lavang, Sunth, Miri, Ringnee, Javkhar, Punarnava.


These are many reasons and diseases which cause cough.Ofcourse, according to the reason, medicine will differ but there is a need of common medicine, which can be used in all these cases and which will give relief to the trouble some symptoms upto certain extent.The medicines in Kasari are selected in such line of thinking and made useful with pleasant taste and odour.Cough in lungs & upper part of oesophagus & throat thrown out and at the same time Kasari acts as mild laxative. Kasari is used in dry as well as productive cough so, Kasari has become an allround useful medicine in all sorts of cough.