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Blood Pure Capsules ( 2pc )

Rs. 256


Jamna Blood Pure Capsule

Indication : 

This Capsule is effective in Itch in hands, feet, head etc. Burning Sensation in urine, Scabies, Acne, Leukoderma, Ringworm, Psoriasis, Gout,Pruritus-Vulvae, Carbuncles, Urticaria, Ulcer etc. diseases. 

Dosage : A dose of 1 capsule should be taken with water twice a day. Or it may be taken as per advice of the physician.

Advice : Blood Pure Syrup, should be taken simultaneously with this capsule, for quick realief.

Ingredients : In each capsule of 300 mg :&ndash

Chakramard beej extract, Waiwidang extract,Lalchandan extract, Shwet Anantmool extract,                                           : 10 mg

Jyotishmati extract, Nagarmotha extract,Bhangara extract, Giloy Satwa, Manjishtha                                                          : 10 mg

extract, Haridra extract, Shwet Nishoth extract,Arjun chhal extract, Palash beej extract,                                                    : 10 mg

Kooth extract, Barhi Indrayan ki jarh extract,Trikatu extract, Khair extract                                                                              : 10 mg

Chirayta extract, Katuki extract,Neem ki chhal extract, Prawal Bhasma                                                                                   : 20 mg

Bakuchi extract