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Ashokarishta Dhootpapeshwar ( 2pc )

Rs. 244


Dhootapapeshwar ASHOKARISHTA

Ashokarishta, constituted with Ashoka which is Kashaya, Raktastambhak and known as the best friend of women. Provides excellent results in most of the menstrual disorders due to action on Garbhashaya and Beejakosha. Useful in Garbhashaya Shaithilya and disorders developed due to other abnormalities in reproductive system being Garbhashaya Balya. Controls excessive bleeding in Atyartava.


Atyartava, Kashtartava, Raktapradar, Shwetapradar, Irregular menstrual cycles, Udarshoola, Katishoola, Raktarsha, Raktapitta


2 to 4 tsf (10 to 20 ml) 2-3 times a day with equal quantity of lukewarm water