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Sookshma Triphala Vati ( Rasashala ) 2pc

Rs. 142


Ayurveda Rasashala - Sookshma Triphala Vati

In spite of a large number of antimicrobial agents available, treatment of infections still poses a problem. In Ayurveda, many agents are used for prevention and treatment of infections. Sookshma Triphala is one of such formulation.

Sookshma Triphala contains all three herbal ingredients of Triphala in equal proportion with a very small quantity of Kajjali. Kajjali claimed to improve the activity of Triphala. Sookshma Triphala is found to be effective in various infection like a style, dacryocystitis, acne vulgaris and even against some viral infections like viral pharyngitis. In practice of Ayurvedic medicine, Sookshma Triphala is routinely used postoperatively for abdominal surgeries like tubectomy.


1 - 2 Tablets twice or thrice a day with water