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Meryton Capsules ( 6pc )

Rs. 230


Vasu Meryton Capsule

Uterine antispasmodic and analgesic Checks vaginal secretions Controls excessive uterine bleeding Regulates menstrual cycle Uterine Tonic Enhances chances of conception Highest concentration of Ashoka & Lodhra (1200 mg each) ensures prompt response in uterine disorders, especially in Menorrhagia. Ashoka in ayurveda is known as astambhak having antihaemorrhagic properties. Shatavari provides essential nutrients Guduchi and Ashwagandha are analgesic besides immunostimulants. Meryton capsule provides patient convenience and quick response in host of menstrual disorders. Ashoka and Lodhra are also known to provide phyto-estrogen, making Meryton a drug of choice in non-specific female infertility cases.

Indications: Uterine Tonic

Dosage -  1 to 2 capsules 3 times a day or as directed by the physician