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Ranger Capsules ( 6pc )

Rs. 230


Vasu Ranger Capsules

Ranger Capsule (Natural Antioxidant)
» Power packed antioxidant, anti stress immounomodulator
» Rich source of minerals and micronutrients
» Builds body's resistance
» Imporves physical fitness and mental alertness

A unique blend of antioxidant, anti-stress and immunomodulating ingredients. Ranger capsule is an answer to modern day stress and lifestyle problems, nutritional supplement, rich in minerals and vitamins. Ranger slows down the aging process. 

Indications: General Debility, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Convalescence, Stress induces problem.

Dosage: 1 Capsule BID for 15 days, followed by 1 capsule OD as maintenance dose.