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Vysex Dragee Tablets ( 3pc )

Rs. 180


Ban Labs Vysex Dragee Tablets

Vysex Dragee Tablets
Ban Labs Vysex Dragee Tablets, if taken daily and on the right time, can solve this problem and give you back your sex life. Enriched with herbal ingredients like Kaucha beej, Ashwagandha, bala beej, jayfal, kesar, and other rich and nourishing herbs, these tablets will not only help in getting back your sexual desire but also assist in emotional and sexual arousal and sustained erection. Being totally natural, these tablets have no side-effects whatsoever, and are not allergy-inducing or addictive.

Mdern Stress and busy lifestyle results in loss of libido. To improve confidence and stimulate sexual desire (in bothMale & Female) Vysex a Silver coated dragee is designed to increase blood circulation to sexual organs that arouses emotions and sustained erection. It also corrects sexual impotence.

Indication /Usage of Vysex Dragee :
» Sexual Weakness in Men and woman
» Strengthens Neuromuscular Tone
» Corrects Psychogenic Impotence
» Improves Sexual Desire, Enhances Strength and Vitality
» Non Hormonal and Safe.

Dosage of Vysex Dragee : 
1 Dragee in the morning and 1 Dragee half an hour before bedtime, with sweetened milk or as directed by the Physician