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Viton 99 Capsules ( 10pc )

Rs. 350


Ban Labs Viton 99 Capsules

Viton 99 Capsule is specially designed as a complete Natural Anti-oxidant and immunity booster and reduces free radical damages. Banlabs Vitonྟ&rsquo helps to improve psychological functions. Being as a Living Homeostatic Herbal Nutrient complex, it offers best absorption & assimilation rate. Viton&lsquo99&rsquo capwule contains one of the unique ingredients Alfalfa which is known as a father of all foods, hence it&rsquos an ideal food supplement to offer the balanced diet to the patient.

Indication/usage of Viton 99 Capsule:
» Inhibits and reduces free radical damages
» Builds natural resistance against recurrent infection.
» Regulates all metabolic activities.
» Supplementary nutrition in pregnancy and lactation
» Improves psychological functions.
» Composition of Ban Labs Viton 99 Capsule:

Dosage of Viton 99 Capsule:
1 Capsule three times a day (Or) as directed by the Physician