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Lucogyl Capsules ( 10pc )

Rs. 385


Ban Labs Lucogyl Capsules

Lucogyl Capsules
An Herbal combination for Fresh Breath and confident life, in conditions like Leucorrhoea. Banlabs Lucogyl is a combination which not only cures leucorrhoea but other symptoms through properties like Anti-Infective, Anti-Inflammatory, Powerful Astringent, Natural Calcium and Iron Source as well as a nervine tonic

Indication/usage of Lucogyl Capsule:
» Non-Specific Leucorrhoea
» Checks Excess Secretion by Unique Astringent Action
» Functional Uterine Bleeding
» Reduces Low Back Pain and Anxiety
» Acts Directly on Uterine Musculature and Tones Up Entire System

Dosage of Lucogyl Capsule:
1 Cap. 3 times a day with milk for 4 to 6 weeks