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Glycoban Capsules (10pc )

Rs. 265


Ban Labs Glycoban Capsules

Glycoban Capsule-Reduces mean fasting blood sugar and Post Prandial Blood Sugar
Diabetes is commonly discussed and known symptoms world wide. Banlabs Glycoban is a natural solution for Type 2 diabetes with clinically proven hypoglycemic herbs like NEEM, KARELA, TULSI, JAMUN & MAMEJAVO, Which avoids the risk of clinical hypoglyceamia and other side effects.

Indication/usage of Glycoban Capsule:
» Lowers Blood sugar & urine sugar.
» Reduces Glycosylated Hb level.
» Tones up the efficiency and health of the pancreatic Beta cells.
» Muscular cramps in Legs
» Swelling in Various Parts of the Body
» Frequent Urination in Night
» Longtime non-healing of wounds
» Stabilizes body weight and maintains general health and stamina.

Dosage Glycoban Capsule:
1 to 2 capsules half an hour before breakfast & dinner or as directed by the Physician.