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Gastrex Tablet ( 3pc )

Rs. 230


Ban Labs Gastrex Tablets

Gastrex Tablets - Unsqueezes G.I. Spasm, Relieves Colic
Gastric problem is most common in this modern era due to the change of lifestyle which is closely associated with Stress, Strain and imbalanced diet. A natural solution for all these problems is Banlabs Gastrex.

Indication/usage Gastrex Tablets:
» Effective in Spastic Stages of G.I. Tract
» Relieves Distress, Discomfort and Distension
» Corrects Gastric Secretion
» Removes Constipation
» Relieves Gas and Uneasiness
» Corrects Digestive Function

Dosage of Gastrex Tablets:
Adults : 2 Tablets three times a day
Children : ½-1 Tablet three times a day or As directed by the Physician.