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Feroliv Forte Capsules ( 10pc )

Rs. 400


Ban Labs Feroliv Forte  Capsules

Feroliv Forte Capsule - Safe remedy for anaemic patients
Unique combination of Naturally treated iron complex, Liver stimulant and Natural Vitamin C, Which not only increase Hb level but also improves Reticulo Endothelial System and hence gives prolonged Hb rise of 4.6 gm %

Indication/usage of Feroliv Forte Capsule:
» Corrects Iron Deficiency Anaemia
» Relieves Fatigue, Debility and chlorosis.
» Useful During Pregnancy and Lactation
» Nutritional Anaemia
» Essential in Postnatal and Post Surgical cases
» Virtually Free From Gastric Intolerance 
» Improves Haemoglobin and R.B.C. Count.

Composition of Feroliv Forte Capsule:
Each Feroliv Forte Capsule Contains:
» Arogya Vardhini Ras 80 mg.
» Tapyadi Loh 80 mg.
» Navayas Loh 80 mg.
» Dhatri Loh 80 mg.
» Mandur Vatak 80 mg.

Dosage of Feroliv Forte Capsule:
1 Capsule twice a day for the first 10 days with milk followed by 1 Capsule Once a day or as directed by the Physician