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Suprada Capsules ( 10pc )

Rs. 210


Ayulabs Suprada Capsules

Stimulates Galactagogue Action and increase Lactation
Pre and Post Natal Care

Benefits of using Suprada Capsule :
» Builds neonatal resistance against common infections.
» Supplements natural calcium and iron for easy assimilation.
» Promotes involution of uterus and abdominal muscles.
» Benefits the mother and helps better growth of child.

Suprada Capsule is a wounderful preparation in prenatal and post natal care which only improves the general anaemic conditions of patient but protects against infections. Suprada contains natural form of iron and calcium with Ashwagandha which infuses hemopoesis, corrects nervous exhaustion, general debility, leg cramps, telieves patients from anxiety and tension and thus induces natural sleep.

In post natal care, Suprada capsule promotes galactogenesis and ensures better lactation enriching breast milk. Suprada improves nutritional status of mother and child and improves resistance power against infection in neonates. Suprada promotes involution of uterus and tones up abdominal muscles. Surprada helps mother to maintain her normal figure and also tones up breast muscles.

Indications for uses of Suprada Capsule :
Pre and postnatal care, for galactogenesis during nursing period..

Dosage of Suprada Capsule :
One to two capsules two or three times a day milk or as directed by the physician