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Fortyfitt Tablet (2pc)

Rs. 220


Fortyfitt Tablet



1) Decreased muscle strength and mass

2) Decreased bone mass

3) Increased risk of CAD and hypertension

4) Decreased cognition

5) Loss of libido


1 tablet twice daily.


1) Increases energy levels.

2) Increases muscle mass and strength

3) Boosts sexual interest and potency

4) Improves cognitive function

5) Reduces the risk of CAD(Coronary Artery Disease) and hypertension



1)  Eat more fresh fruit & vegetables

2)  Exercise daily

3)  Practice stress management by meditation, yoga postures etc.


1)  Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol.

2)  Avoid spicy & stale food.

3)  Avoid late nights & sleepless nights


Each coated tablet contains

Name of Ingredient        Latin/ English Name       Qty

Extract of the following :

Ashwagandha  Withania somnifera       400 mg

Kapikacchu         Mucuna pruriens            150 mg

Shatavari             Asparagus racemosus   150 mg

Vidarikand          Ipomoea digitata             150 mg

Arjun     Terminalia arjuna            150 mg

Guduchi               Tinospora cordifolia       150 mg

Gokshur               Tribulus terrestris           150 mg

Amlaki  Emblica officinalis            150 mg

Brahmi  Bacopa monnieri             150 mg

Shwet musli       Chlorophytum arundinaceum   150 mg


FORTYFITT is a holistic support therapy in the physical, psychological and sexual debility, which generally develops in past forty age. FORTYFITT contains time tested rejuvenating herbs, which are the reservoir of flavonoids i.e. natural anti-oxidants. Withania somnifera and Tribulus terrestris in FORTYFITT strengthen the immune system. Withania somnifera enhances adrenal functions and exerts anti-ageing activity. Terminalia arjuna in FORTYFITT is a known cardioprotective and also reduces the cholesterol levels. Oxidative stress (OS) is the main factor to cause ageing as well as many fatal disorders like diabetes, cardio vascular disorders. OS is also induced during prolonged illness as well as by the chemical stressors like the antibiotics. Emblica officinalis reduces oxidative stress by increasing Superoxide dismutase (SOD) levels. Chlorophytum arundinaceum and Mucuna pruriens are also proven antioxidants. Bacopamonnieri improves cognitive functions. Withania somnifera and Chlorophytum arundinaceum have adaptogenic properties. Thus FORTYFITT slows down the ageing process and also effective recovery therapy during convalescence.

Important ingredients  Action

Ashwagandha  Immunity enhancer, adrenal functions enhancer and anti-ageing

Kapikacchu         Nutritional supplementation, antioxidant

Arjun     Cardiac tonic and reduces cholesterol levels

Gokshur               Immunity enhancer, a natural source of DHEA and also increases muscle strength

Amlaki  Reduces oxidative stress and increases SOD levels, antioxidant

shwet musli        Antioxidant