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Spermon Sg Capsules

Rs. 320



Oligospermia indicates a decrease in the sperm count in the semen. Oligospermia leads to male infertility. The immotile sperm or reduced sperm motility is Asthenospermia.

The common causes of oligospermia are alcohol, smoking, drugs, stress and environmental pollution, age, injury, and certain diseases.

Spermon SGC contains a combination of potent and proven herbs that aid in the production and protection of healthy and matured quantity and quality sperms. It increases both quality and quantity of the semen and also enhances sperm motility and morphology.

Spermon SGC protects the sperms by scavenging the free radicals with their anti-oxidant properties. The unique combination of the herbs also increases the sexual desire. This Phytomedicine combination product is safe for long-term use.


  • Improves semen quantity and quality as a proven spermatopoietic
  • Accelerates spermatogenesis by stimulating endogenous testosterone secretion to ensure greater availability to gonads
  • Improves sperm motility, count and morphology
  • Potent antioxidant action protects sperm from free radicals
  • Strengthens male reproductive system
  • Enhances libido
  • Safe for long term use

Direction for use

Two Speramon SGC&rsquos to be taken twice daily for three to four months or as directed by the physician