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Regula Tablet ( 2pc )

Rs. 350


Sanjeevani Pharma, Regula

Indication :
Dismanorrhoea of young girls as well as ageing females
Pain of lower abdomen due to improper menstruation
Long standing dismanorrhoea or amenorrhoea
Useful in swelling of the uterus and related problems
How Works :
Works as anti prostaglandin / anti inflammatory / anti fertility effect due to the presence of Kalabol
Acts on dismenorrhoea due to Kuberaksha / Ashoksal / Kumari
Increases pelvic blood circulation due to Kumari / Dashmool
Reduces hormonal imbalance due to Amalki / Pimpli / Pimplamul
Contraction of the uterus due to Deodar / Karpasmul / kasis Bhasma
Preparation of healthy uterine bed due to Ashoksal / Mandur / Godanti
Anti spasmodic action due to Karpas / Sunth
Anti fertility & anti inflammatory due to Kuberaksha / Kumari
Combined Action of the Ingredients of Regula :
Correct dismanorrhoea
Reduces hormonal imbalance
Eliminates obstruction of menstruation
For therapeutic use
Dosage :
1 to 2 tablets according to age / constitution 2/3 times a day and / or as directed by physician.