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C-uril Tablet ( 2pc )

Rs. 280


Sanjeevani Pharma C-Uril 

Urinary tract infections
Urinary calculi formation
Prevention of reformation of calculi after Lithotripsy
Renal colie
Burning micturition
How C-Uril Tablets Act :
Helps in dissolving calculus
Expels it through diuresis
Restores crystalloid &ndash collacid balance
Relieves pain and spasms
Reduces burining
Prevents reformation
Benefits :
A balanced combination that helps break stones & expel it.
Provides potent herbal safe diuration
Cleans urinary tract from infections
Prevents reoccurance
Useful for all ages
Safe for longer duration
Can be co-prescribed with antibiotics which are nephrotoxic.
Dosage :
2 tablets twice daily with warm water or as directed by physician.