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Enflumin Tablet ( 2 Pc )

Rs. 154


Sanjeevani Pharma, Enflumin Tablets

This is a very effective combination which remarkable controls fever, colds, flu, and headache. This contains ingredients which tackle symptoms of colds-fever nasal catarah and headache are well treated by this compound. It contains anti pyretic agents, herbs having KAPHNASHAK properties. It has CNS Relaxants like pimplamul and guduchi which tone up the immune system.
Common Colds
Material Fever
Filarial Fever
As an adjuvant to pyrexia of bacterial origin
Viral Fever
Sinusitis/Dry Cough
Pyrexia of unknown origin
Combined action of the ingredients of Enflumin Tablets:
Fever, Colds, Flu, Headache, brings down malasis & pain, body ache, works as kaphanashak, controls body temperature, helps control nervous system, acts as soothing agent- in short
Anti malerial- Vermicidal diaphoretic demulcent
Safe for all ages
Builds immunity & increases self-resistance
Avoids malaria fever
Safe for longer duration
Two tablets twice / trice a day with warm water or as directed by the physician.