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Amlycure D.s. Capsules ( 3pc )

Rs. 215


 Features of Amlycure D.S.

  • Fortified with highest number of synergistically acting herb extracts in maximum concentration (Desired Strength) to provide therapeutic effect during treatment.
  • Comprehensively activate the complete digestive system from Appetite &ndash Digestion &ndash Assimilation &ndash Liver Toning &ndash to boosting Immunity.
  • ALL in ONE Formula for COMPLETE TREATMENT of Liver either infective, Fatty, Enlarged, Alcoholic, or Degenerative etc.
  • Clears excessive bilirubin from serum, relieves jaundice.
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    Indications for Amlycure D.S.

    • Lack of appetite
    • Poor Liver Function Tests (LFT&rsquos)
    • Infectious Hepatitis
    • Viral Hepatitis (Acute and Chronic)
    • Jaundice (Icterus)
    • Fatty liver (Steatosis)
    • Chronic alcoholism
    • Early Cirrhosis of Liver
    • Hepatotoxicity induced by hepatotoxic drugs like ATT, Chemotherapy, Compromised immunity
    • Dosage of Amlycure D.S.


      Capsule:  1 &ndash 2 capsules thrice a day

      Syrup: 2 &ndash 3 teaspoonful thrice a day

      Syrup:      ½ &ndash  1 teaspoonful twice a day