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Pylsact Tablet ( 6pc )

Rs. 176


Millennium Pylsact Tablets

Indication :-

  1. Hemorrhoids (internal and external piles)
  2. Anal Fissure
  3. Fistula in anal area

Product Benefits :-
Effective hemostyptic and Astringent Action arrest bleeding by strengthening fragile capillaries
Helps Digestion
Safely regulates bowels, due to its mild laxative action, hence prevents straining during stools
Potent safe Anti inflammatory and analgesic Action relieves pain
Potent Antibacterial action treats infection at the ano-rectal area and stops itching
Accelerates repair of damaged tissues and helps shrink and cast off piles mass
Powerful restorative and Antioxidant action

Dosage :-
2 tablets twice daily after meals for 2 months or as directed by the physician.