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Anthrth Plus Capsules ( 2pc )

Rs. 212


Millennium Antarth Plus Capsules

Indications :-
Rheumatoid arthritis
Cervical and lumbar spondylitis
Frozen shoulder
Low back ache
Product concept :- 
Antarth SGC is a clinically proven anti-arthritic which effectively ameliorates joint pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Antarth is designed to improve joint mobility, delay cartilage damage and also help to regenerate cartilage of the affected joint due to the presence of analgesic and anti inflammatory, immunomodulatory, rejuvenative, chondroprotective, anti oxidant properties of the standardized herbal extracts present in their optimum therapeutic dosage.
Antarth Tablets

Benefits :-
Fast relief from pain and inflammation
Prevents cartilage degeneration and delays disease progression by virtue of its chondroprotective action
Helps to regenerate cartilage by its immunomodulatory action
Promotes joint agility and mobility by imparting strength to the musculoskeletal system
Reduces morning stiffness due to anti-inflammatory action
Prevents crippling by delaying disease progression by virtue of potent anti-oxidant action
Safe for long term use

Dosage :- 
2caps b.i.d after meals for minimum 8 -12 weeks or as advised by the physician.