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Oberid Capsule

Rs. 370



Heavy body means a body full of various problems and diseases, which has no sign of good health. People with plump & heavy body finds their daily normal life a burden. If we are not conscious timely about this problem this is capable of converting a healthy human body into the home of many diseases.The combination of rare herbs used in Ratan&rsquos &lsquoOberid&rsquo Capsules improves digestive system which helps body to be fit and energetic.

How to use:-
Take 2-2 Ratan&rsquos Oberid capsules with warm water in the morning and evening up to 3 months or as directed by the physician.

For better results use Ratan&rsquos Oberid Capsules regularly for longer period.
Results may vary from person to person.
This is a complete Ayurvedic preparation from rare herbs.

INDICATION : It helps to keep the body fit.