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Ojasaa Tab(2 Pc)

Rs. 280


FOR SHARP MEMORY Medicine For Sharp Memory (One tablet once or twice a day after food) We overload our brain with lot off stress, tensions, hectic work schedule & we never take any care for oiling & servicing of the brain.

Regular oil massage to scalp & feet, rose water cooling pack for eyes are the best natural treatments to relax & strengthen brain functioning.

But we have no time for all such procedures ....... Then how will we find next generation sharp, intellingent & healthy? Ojasaa tablet is developed on such complaints.

One tablet Ojasaa after dinner helps in sound sleep, releasing stress, concentration & confidence etc.

Ojasaa keeps you happy & cheerfull. Ojasaa is a best tonic for all i.e. school students, college goers, higher level officials & even for stressed housewives also.