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Mebarid Capsule (2pc)

Rs. 170


Mebarid Capsules

1. Stops loose motions, prevent electrolyte losses.

2. Directly destroys the pathogenic intestinal micro- organisms, pave way for healthy intestinal flora.

3. Increases intestinal immune response and build up resistance against harmful organisms.

4. Gets rid of amoebic infestations and bacterial infections.

5. Normalizes gastro-intestinal functions


Chronic Amoebiasis: 1 Cap TID for 3-4 weeks

IBS: 1 Cap TID for 2 months

Acute Diarrhoea: 2 Caps hourly for 3-4 times followed by 1 Cap TID for 3 days

Ulcerative colitis: 2 Caps BID for 3-4 weeks

Children : 1 Capsule twice or thrice daily.

Each Capsule Contains
Kuda Bark (Holarrhena antidysenterica) 40 mg
Daruhalad Stem (Berberis aristata) 40 mg
Bael Fruit (Aegel marmelos) 40 mg
Dadim Sal (Punica granatum) 40 mg
Mocharas Gum (Gum-Bombax malabaricum) 40 mg
Jaiphal Fruit (Myristia fragrans) 5 mg
Panchamrit Parpati (Generic Preparation) 55 mg