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Limiron Capsules ( 2pc )

Rs. 350



Ayurvedic calcium &ndash hematinic enriched with lime juice.
Limiron Capsules :

  1.     Provides rich source of highly absorbable natural calcuim having anabolic properties.
  2.     Builds up bones & tones muscular functions.
  3.     Contains microfined iron-complex which forms quick absorbing colloid.
  4.     Improves the tone of g.i. tract & liver, induces haemopoiesis.
  5.     Contains micro-nutrients necessary for toning up metabolism.
  6.     Builds up healthy blood & strong bones.

Limiron Capsules contains :

  1.     Kukkutanda Twak : A rich source of calcium and micro Bhasmanutrients having anabolic properties.
  2.     Mandoor Bhasma : Provides micro fined iron-complex. It blends up body resistance, improves strength.
  3.     Tamra Bhasma : Potentiates hematinic action of iron, also has relaxant action.
  4.     Shatavari : A nature&rsquos anabolic-helps to build up body tissues.

Indications :

All types of Body weakness, Retarded growth, Pregnancy, Lactation, Common anaemia, Rickets etc.

Dosage :

1-2 Tablet twice daily before meals.