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Chirakin Tab Zandu (3pc)

Rs. 113


It's an Ayurvedic Medicine Useful in Malaria. Chirakin tablet is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by Zandu Pharmaceuticals.It is an anti-malarial drug.

Ingredients of Chirakin Tablet:
Each tablet contains &ndash
Kiratatikta [Swertia chirata] &ndash 100 mg
Saptaparna [Alstonia scholaris] &ndash 100 mg &ndash It is a famous bitter-astringent tasting Ayurvedic herb used in skin diseases, intestinal worm infestation etc. It is named so, because its leaf occurs in a bunch of 7 whorls (7 &ndash 10 small leaflets forming a bunch).
Katuki [Picrorrhiza kurroa] &ndash 100 mg
Latakaranja [Caesalpinia crista] &ndash 200 mg &ndash Latakaranja is an Ayurvedic herb. Its seed is peculiar. When rubbed over a rough surface, it instantly becomes hot . It is widely used in treating malaria, and is also a very good anti spasmodic herb. It is also useful in many types of fever. Hence is known as Fever nut in English.

Dosage of Chirakin Tablet:
Adults &ndash 2 tablet thrice a day for 3-7 days.
Children &ndash 1 tablet thrice a day for 3-7 days.

Adults &ndash 1 tablet twice a day for 7 days.
Children &ndash ½ tablet twice a day for 7 days.