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Avipattikar Churna (2pc)

Rs. 140


Avipattikar churna is a herbal powder mix.

Its usage:

  • It helps to relieve gastritis very quickly.
  • Vibandham malamootrayoho &ndash It helps to relieve constipation and difficulty in urination.
  • Agnimandya &ndash it helps to relieve indigestion.
  • Prameha &ndash it is used in treating diseases of urinary system.
  • Durnama nashanam &ndash It is used even in chronic conditions.

In clinical practice, it is widely used in liver disorders and alcoholism.

Avipattikar Choorna ingredients &ndash

10 grams of each of

Trikatu &ndash pepper, long pepper and ginger

(Triphala) -Haritaki &ndash Chebulic Myrobalan fruit rind &ndash Terminalia chebula

Vibhitaki &ndash Belliric Myrobalan fruit rind &ndash Terminalia bellirica

Amalaki &ndash Indian gooseberry fruit &ndash Emblica officinalis Gaertn.

Musta &ndash Nut grass (root) &ndash Cyperus rotundus

Vida Lavana &ndash Vida salt

Vidanga &ndash False black pepper &ndash Embelia ribes

Ela &ndash Cardamom &ndash Elettaria cardamomum

Patra &ndash Cinnamomum tamala

Lavanga &ndash Clove &ndash Syzigium aromaticum &ndash 110 grams

Trivrit &ndash Operculina turpethum &ndash 440 grams

Sharkara &ndash Sugar &ndash 660 grams


Bhaishajya Ratnavali Amlapitta Chikitsa 25-29.


 1 &ndash 5 grams. To be taken at the starting of meals and in between meals.

Side effects &ndash 

  • It may cause diarrhoea, watery stools, abdominal pain and dehydration, in case then drink plenty of water or take , consult a doc.
  • Since sugar is added, this product is not recommended for diabetic people.
  • People with diabetes (with precaution), hypertension, sensitive stomach, ulcerative colitis, diarrhoea, should exercise caution while taking Avipattikar Choorna.