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Sphatika Bhasma Baidyanath (3 Pc )

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Sphatika in modern terminology is known as alum. Sphatika is used in conditions both internally as well as externally. Actually, Sphatika is used with all the other medications to make them doubly effective. This is usually used in the treatment of various types of hemorrhagic and bleeding disorders.

In ancient times Sphatika was used for the treatment of tonsillitis. It was discovered that the disease was more frequent amongst the group of male children (11 - 20 years). Sphatika had a marked effect on treatment of tonsillitis in times dependant upon Ayurveda. The various symptoms started to decrease in just a day or two after commencement of therapy. Sphatika being kasaya, katu, tikta, usna and jwara-hara in its essential actions, it is also used to reduce the inflammation of the tonsils, thereby regulating the increased body temperature. Sphatika`s antibiotic activity brilliantly subdues further multiplication of the pathogens within the body.

Ingredients of Sphatika Bhasma

  • Alum (Sphatika)
  • Dharit Kumari
  • Bhang ka ras

Indications of Sphatika Bhasma

  • It is useful in abnormal bleeding from uterus.
  • It acts as the blood purifier.
  • Useful in wounds and skin diseases like leucoderma.
  • Use of this medicine is quite effective in the respiratory complications like cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic coughing, whooping cough and asthma.
  • Lower back ache.
  • It is used for the treatment of menorrhagia.
  • Hematemesis (Blood vomiting).
  • It is used in ulcers with burning sensation and gastritis.
  • It is used to cure gynecological issues like leucorrhea and vaginal itching etc.
  • Used in the treatment of leucoderma and herpes etc.
  • Malarial fever, chronic fever and jaundice.
  • Eye diseases.
  • Constricts blood vessels and tissues.
  • Sphatika Bhasma Dosage

    Take 125 &ndash 250 mg, one or two times daily, before or after food, or as advised by Ayurvedic doctor.