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Flush Tablet (2 Pc )

Rs. 170



Laxative for Constipation

Flush as the name indicates its propertieis of smooth motion, it provides relief from Constipation, Gas, Acidity, Headace, Hard Bowels during Piles and Acts as Detoxifier.

Constipation is a common problem and can affect people of any age. Busy, modern lifestyles may be responsible for most cases of constipation: not eating enough fiber or drinking enough water, not getting enough exercise, and other. Emotional and psychological problems also contribute to the problem. Persistent, chronic constipation may lead to irritable bowel syndrome, colorectal cancer, diabetes, Parkinson&rsquos disease, multiple sclerosis, an under-active thyroid gland and depression.

Flush Tablets are effective 100% ayurvedic product for acute and chronic constipation and gas problems. It acts as powerful laxative and helps in stool softening and discharge without any pain and delay. It is safe across all age groups and can be used for long term.


Helps in increasing peristaltic movement of gastro-intestine, Softens the stool and helps in quick elimination, Helps in maintaining fluid, electrolytes balance and assures smooth discharge, Free from any kind of gastric irritation, acidity, pain or side effect, Safe across all age groups and for long term use.


Relieves from constipation, gas, acidity, headace, hard bowels, during piles, helpful in Indigestion and keeps you active

DOSAGE: 1 to 2 tablets at bed time along with warm water or as directed by physician