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Pilogest Capsule Kerala Ayurvedic

Rs. 530


Pilogest Capsule

Pilogest Capsule is an effective proprietary oral supplement for piles, bleeding piles and fistula. It helps reduce bleeding, inflammation, associated pain and discomfort. The phyto-ingredients of Pilogest&trade, besides arresting bleeding piles, also helps improve digestion and promote natural bowel evacuation, preventing constipation.

Combat Piles and Fistula, Naturally

Key Benefits:

&ndash Natural Oral Therapy Effective in Piles and Fistula

&ndash Useful in Symptomatic Relief of Piles such as Severe Constipation, Inflammation and Bleeding

&ndash Helps Reduce Pain and Swelling

&ndash Helps Facilitate Easy Bowel Evacuation

PRESENTATION: 100 Capsules in a box (10×10 blister)