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Km Lepam Kerala Ayurvedic (3pc)

Rs. 170


KM Lepam

KM Lepam is the modified dosage form of the traditional well known recipe, &lsquoKaruthamarmani Gutika&rsquo, prepared in a cream base for external application. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect is chiefly due to selective actives from Sallaki (Boswellia serrata), Kumari (Aloe vera), Tugaksheeri (Curcuma angustifolia) and Karpoora (Cinnamomum camphora).

Enhanced absorption and easy skin permeability of the cream helps in superior action and a faster healing effect. It is indicated for inflammatory swelling, pain, migraine, traumatic oedema and for various inflammatory conditions.

It is also effective in conditions of severe headache during migraine attack.

Combat Inflammation & Pain, Naturally

Key Benefits:

Ward off that nagging Migraine and any other type of Headache with KM Lepam, Naturally.!

  • Effective in Traumatic Pain & Inflammatory Swelling
  • Useful in Migraine

PRESENTATION: 20 g in lami tubes