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Liposem Capsule Kerala Ayurvedic

Rs. 430


Product Description

Liposem&trade is a unique proprietary formulation used in the management of hypercholesterolaemia. It provides an ideal support to those affected from metabolic disorders leading to cardiac problems such as hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolaemia and atherosclerosis. Liposem&trade is also helpful in reducing obesity and controlling excessive appetite. A proprietary cardio-protective formulation, it acts by renormalizing the imbalanced lipid profiles. Liposem&trade is the Doctor&rsquos ideal choice for cholesterol management, Naturally!

Liposem, Doctor&rsquos Choice for Cholesterol Management, Naturally!

Key Benefits:

-Effective in Hypercholesterolemia

-A Safe Cardio-protective

-Helps reduce LDL & Triglycerides Levels and helps optimize HDL Levels

-Helps reduce the risk of Atherosclerosis

-Helps in the twin-management of Obesity and Cholesterol-related issues

PRESENTATION: Box of 100 Tablets.