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Stone-x Capsules (2pc)

Rs. 280


Stone-X is a powerful Ayurvedic remedy for Urinary & Kidney Stone.

Punarnava 100mg, Suddha Shilajit 30mg, Amba Haldi 20mg, Daru Haldi 5mg, Tamra Bhasma 5mg, Hing 10mg, Gokhary Chhal 100mg, Apamarg 10mg, Yavak Kshar 20mg, Tankan Bhasma 20mg, Triphala 150mg, Kalanamak 20mg, Nausadar 20mg, Pipermint10mg, Suddha Geric 10mg,


  • Dissolves and expels calculi.

  • Relives Spasm & colic associated with calculi.

  • Treats burning micturition.

  • Treats Urinary Tract Infection.

  • Check repeated stone formation.

  • Averts surgical intervention.
  • Urinary Stone

    Kidney Stone

    Repeated Stone Formation


    Renal Colic

    Burning micturition

Adult- 2 capsules twice a day with lukewarm water Children above 12 years

-capsules twice a day Or As Directed by the Physician.