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Logen Syrup Kerala Ayurvedic (2pc)

Rs. 260


Iogen Syrup

A complete haematinic iron supplement, Iogen is a rich source of iron blended with natural vitamin C. Iogen Syrup improves anemic condition by increasing hemoglobin levels in blood and renormalizing appetite. Useful in post-natal and post-surgical cases, it delivers iron in a highly assimilable and easily absorbable form without causing constipation.

Natural Iron supplement with Natural Vitamin C & Folic acid


Key Benefits:

Iogen syrup, a perfect herbal Tonic for your Blood.!

-Natural Vitamin C and Folic acid supplement along with Iron

-Maximum Iron absorption

-Improves Haemoglobin Levels

-No constipation or gastro-intestinal disturbance

-No Metallic Taste


-Hepato/Liver tonic in anaemic conditions

-Safe during pregnancy and also for kids

Presentation: 200 ml in PET bottle