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Myaxyl Oil Kerala Ayurvedic (2pc)

Rs. 210


Myaxyl Oil

An Effective and Safe Anti-rheumatic Oil, Myaxyl Oil is Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic as well! The local application of Myaxyl Oil soothes and relieves Musculo-skeletal Spasms and Sprains. It stimulates Blood Circulation to the affected parts, in turn reducing Swelling, Pain and Stiffness. Myaxyl Oil is especially effective in Vata-related Pain as in Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Muscular Spasms, Myalgia etc. It also Relives Pain and Inflammation due to Sprain, Contusion and other Injuries.


Thanks to their Pain-relieving, Emollient, and Anodyne actions, the Ayurvedic Ingredients in Myaxyl Oil including Rasna, Nandivriksha,Eucalyptus Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Sesame Oil and Devadaru, helps:

Key Benefits:

-Reduce Swelling and Spasms

-Provide Flexibility to Joints, Improving Mobility

-Relieve Joint Stiffness

-Enable Quick Penetration providing Faster Relief

PRESENTATION: Packed in 60 ml Glass Bottles.