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Shatavaryadi Churna Baidyanath (2 Pc)

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Shatavaryadi Churna Benefits, Dosage 

Shatavaryadi Churna is herbal Ayurvedic medicine. This medicine is prepared form five medicinal herbs viz. Shatavar(Asparagus racemosus Tubers), Asgandh(Withania somnifera roots), Gokhru(Tribulus terrestris Fruits), Musli(Chlorophytum tuberosum ) and Kaunch(Mucuna pruriens). All herbs has immunomodulator, galactagogue (stimulates breast milk), aphrodisiac and rejuvenator properties.

Uses of Shatavaryadi Churna

This formulation is completely medicinal herb based. It contains root powder of Shatavar and Ashwagandhaseeds of Kaunch and Gokhruand Safed musli. All the ingredients are well known aphrodisiac and tonic. These are mixed and powdered. This fine blended powder is very nutritive. It rejuvenates body. For males, it improves sexual health and sperm quality. Shatavaryadi Churna is useful in curing Seminal problem, Premature ejaculation, Weakness of Sex organ, Low stamina etc.

Dosage of Shatavaryadi Churna

Shatavaryadi Churna should be taken in morning and an hour before sleeping, in dose of 3-6 grams with sugar mixed cow milk Or take as directed by physician.