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Kabja-har Granules Baidyanath (2 Pc)

Rs. 140


Baidyanath Kabja - Har Granules

Baidyanath has formulated Kabjahar Granules to relieve habitual & occasional constipation. It is indicated in chronic cases also assures smooth evacuation of bowel. Prevents fluid and electrolyte imbalance. Non habit forming also relieves allied problems like headache ,acidity. It also relieves constipation induced by drugs,change of place or climate.


  • Sanal (cassia Angustifolla ) -1.21g.
  • Sendhanamak (Sodium chloridem)-0.36g.
  • Sounth (zingiber officinale) &ndash 0.24g.
  • Saunph (Foeniculum Vulgare) &ndash 0.24g.
  • Valwidang (embella Ribes)-0.24g
  • Kaladana Bhuna (ipomoea Nill Roth) -0.24g.
  • Chhoti Haree Bhuni (terminalia Chebula &ndash 0.48g.
  • Nishoth Kala(lpomoea Turpenthum)-0.48g.
  • Kalanmak (un&quasodium chloride)- 0.48g.
  • Ajwayan (Carum Copticum) &ndash 0.48g.
  • Amaltas guda (cassla Fistula) &ndash 0.48g.


*Relieves the Constipation of varied etiology and associated symptoms. 
*Ensure normal strain-free bowel evacuation. 
*Being made from natural ingredients, it is safe and yet very effective


1 teaspoonful with warm water at bed time or as directed by the physician.